A lifetime of unresolved pain that resulted in catastrophic loss could have destroyed all hope for this dynamic and powerful woman who, when challenged beyond belief, fought her way to the truth about herself, discovering her own potential to live in unending happiness. Lisa believes that all are intended to live miraculous, extraordinary lives.

Leaving the pain of the past behind, yesterday becomes history as Lisa uses her own truth to help others transform their lives. She is a role model, a messenger and a gift to all who hear her or work with her.

Lisa Beaumont’s life is underscored by an amazing and empowering intuitive sense, coupled with countless stories of miracles and confirmations of faith. In a dramatic departure from a life as a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman, she demonstrates that joy and completion are the inevitable result of a commitment to authenticity and integrity.

Lisa offers herself as a conduit for wisdom, intuition and ultimate personal power to those with whom she works. She leads others to and through positive change helping them lay the groundwork for the creation of their own miracles.

Lisa Beaumont