Trauma and loss can come suddenly, and in the face of the unexpected, we may be unprepared for what comes next. For author Lisa Beaumont, catastrophic loss brought an end to life as she had known it when she discovered that her husband had taken his life by drowning in the lake behind their home.

In Beyond Fear – A Witness to the Power of Happiness, Lisa shares her difficult, heartfelt, and inspiring journey from a tragedy that left her homeless, jobless and without apparent resources. Yet even more, this tragedy evoked an internal crisis that surfaced latent and painful feelings of self-doubt and worthlessness as she struggled with profound questions about her deeply held faith. Though she struggled with years of PTSD, Lisa would find a way to happiness that she did not know existed – with faith, commitment and love leading her to the other side of devastation.

Lisa’s story is a chronicle of overwhelming challenges, but it is also a testimony of victory found through the restoration of a redeemed life. Happiness and peace spring from devastation in this inspirational and motivational story of miracles and triumph.


This is a story that spans a lifetime, and it is somehow encapsulated in the years of my life with Peter – and the time since his death. I am telling it from memories that are etched in my mind. Like words written in the face of a mountain of stone, they are immutable.

I remember the pounding in my chest and the dizziness that made it hard to think. Confused thoughts swirling in my head as early morning fog engulfed me, swallowing me whole. I struggled with the truth that was trying to emerge, dark as the throat of a giant snake, gripping and choking me. There was no escape. No, no, no!! How could this happen?

The sun had yet to shine on that fateful morning. I stood breathless, my legs weak while the reality I was trying hard to deny invaded me, stealing sanity and reason. The little boat floating free on the still, moonlit water told the tale.

Only moments before, I had discovered a concise and controlled note left by my husband of thirteen years, explaining why he was making the final and greatest decision of his life. If there could be any doubt about what he meant, an undeterred floating vessel bellowed the shocking truth. He was gone, by his own choice and by his own hand. Realization stung my mind as I suddenly remembered the dream – the dream that had been stalking me for weeks, terrorizing my nights and filling me with dread.